WES Health centers

Life can be hard. For individuals who are weighed down with behavioral health, substance abuse, and intellectual disabilities issues, even mundane daily responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, if not impossible. To help young adults, adults, and seniors with these challenges stemming from their unfortunate realities, the three divisions that comprise WES Health Centers–Behavioral Health, Intellectual Disabilities, and Substance Abuse–offer a continuum of services that provides viable solutions. By planning and implementing programs that take the unique needs of each participant (and his or her family) into account, WES Health Centers empowers those whose lives it touches.

WES Health Centers is part of the WES Health System - an organization that has now expanded into additional metropolitan markets and offers fully accredited programs that impact more than 30,000 patients. WES Health Centerss’continuum of services is designed to be implemented in both home and community environments.

The group of professionals involved in creating solutions is comprised of a diverse, highly accomplished and well–educated staff of approximately 600 health care professionals that includes psychiatrists, licensed psychologists and social workers, and therapists. Their associated services cover a broad range, including adults with mental health or substance abuse issues, as well as those who are developmentally impaired.

WES Health Centers’ commitment to compassionately delivering high–quality behavioral health services while responsively meeting the needs of culturally diverse communities translates into a single devotion: to helping every individual who comes through its doors.

For additional information, please e-mail us at moreinfo@drwes.org or call 267-256-5201