Health System

Mission & Vision


The mission of WES Health System is to promote the total wellness of the communities it serves through the provision of high-quality health and social services in a compassionate and effective manner. WES Health System strives to make these services highly responsive to the needs of culturally diverse populations.


The vision of WES Health System is for every person in the culturally diverse communities it serves to have access to the critical services that promote the attainment of his or her full emotional, intellectual, and physical potential. Underlying this goal is the belief that fulfilling the true potential of each individual ultimately maximizes the economic and cultural viability of the communities in which they live. Consequently, WES Health System strives to ensure that its clients are safe, adequately housed, healthy, and well educated.

WES Health System’s Core Values

    • Caring about patients
    • Sharing ideas throughout the organization
    • Learning all that can be learned, anywhere possible
    • Fairness in the treatment of employees
    • Firmness in meeting commitments

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