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Hamilton OST

Hamilton/WES-Out of School Time (OST)

Our Program has called Hamilton Elementary Public School home for the past two years and we serve over 80 children, with a growing waiting list of potential students. All Out of School Time programs administer and facilitate Project-Based Learning Activities that allow students to increase their mental capacities and knowledge base by participating in well-crafted work plans designed by the students and staff. The Project Based Learning Activities allow students to explore and critically analyze topics centered on driving questions and series of realistic actions that can propel them to do positive things in their lives and communities, then present their findings, experiences, and knowledge in a creative culminating event, montage or video. Students learn and are engaged in activities that are fun, educational, and student driven. Students also participate in arts & crafts, chess club, fitness club, cooking club, basketball, cultural activities, life skills classes, and an array of other activities.

The Hamilton/WES OST program has received its Certificate of Compliance. We are now a licensed child care facility through the Department of Public Welfare (DPW). Receiving our license will enhance professional development and overall programming.

The students of the Hamilton/WES OST program have taken an interest in healthy eating incentive.  Our students participate in preparing non to minimal cooking recipes and snacks.  All students k-8th learn how to properly prepare the area and sanitize cooking utensils. Word walls are created to help students learn terminology related to cooking and various types of foods, spices and usual ingredients. Students showcase their recipes during holiday events and parent and community meetings.

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