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Payroll Specialist

Payroll Specialist

1315 Windrim Ave, 19141


Full time

This position is responsible for the processing of employee payroll data, preparation of bi-weekly payroll and the preparation and filing of payroll tax reports.

Essential & Core Functions

1) Process payroll records and prepares bi-weekly payroll

2). process payroll records and compares to payroll register

3). Prepares various payroll reports, i.e check register, deductions register, master file, monthly/quarterly/yearly payroll file, payroll distribution, etc.

4). Maintains payroll files on all employees

5). Handles payroll inquires

6). Prepares various tax deposit reports and arranges for tax deposits to be made.

7). Prepares and files various external payroll reports.

8). Prepares W-2’s reconciles w-2’s to payroll records and distribute W-2’s to employees.

9). Assist in the preparation of year-end roster of personnel for filing invoice with the City.

10). Maintains bi-weekly and monthly payroll allocations, which is input to the Agency general ledger system.

11). Works closely with Human resources to ensure all employee records are current and in synchronization between both departments.

12). Maintains contact with outside payroll allocations, which is input to the Agency general ledger system.

13). Maintains contact with outside agencies that may have a lien against individual payroll accounts such as, PHEAA, Domestic Relations, IRS etc. This also includes voluntary payroll deductions that an employee may authorize such as pension, group term life etc.

14). Timely alerts to Controller and Fiscal Director of problems that may arise.

15). Adherence to deadlines that are set by the department.

16). Maintains records based upon record retention schedule.


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