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WES Health System was founded in July 1992 as a successor of previous organizations that were committed to providing behavioral health care since the mid-1970s. This successor organization was officially named Dr. Warren E. Smith Health Centers (WES) in 1994. Through the years, WES’ staff has been providing services to the community and has been instrumental in the broad expansion of services to individuals and families. WES is based in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and began providing behavioral health care and other human services to individuals living in areas that are plagued by high crime rates, unemployment and other social problems. WES Health System is now expanding to additional metropolitan areas to provide behavioral health care to a variety of individuals and families.

WES Health System and its subsidiary companies were named after Dr. Warren E. Smith, a prominent African American psychiatrist who was committed to providing quality behavioral health care to the underserved. Beginning his career in 1954, Dr. Warren E. Smith was one of the first African American psychiatrists; he was revered as a highly principled man who was deeply sensitive to the problems of minorities living in the Philadelphia area.



Our expert team have been studying manybehavioural cases for most predicted struggles inlife. They have planed different programs fordifferent situations and circumstance. Pleasereview all our program to pick the best foryourself.


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We all know that preventing is always efficient andbetter than curing.You can enjoy reading our special team articles forhaving healthy life.

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Life can be hard. For individuals who are weighed down with behavioural health, substance abuse, andintellectual disabilities issues, even mundane daily responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, if notimpossible. To help young adults,, and seniors with these challenges stemming from their unfortunaterealities, the three divisions that comprise WES Health Centres—Behavioural Health, IntellectualDisabilities, and Substance Abuse—offer a continuum of services that provides viable solutions. By planningand implementing programs that take the unique needs of each participant (and his or her family) intoaccount, WES Health Centres empowers those whose lives it touches

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