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Where finding the appropriate treatment option is the first step on the path to resiliency and recovery

Our integrated network provides comprehensive service when, where, and how you need it. We serve children and adults. Providing Outpatient Mental Health Services, Medication Management, Substance Use, Intellectual Disabilities, Blended Enhanced Targeted Case Management, School Therapeutic Services among other services we provide.

If you and/or a family member or friend are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief or another mental health challenge, an Intellectual Disability Challenge or are struggling with alcohol or drug use, please contact Our Assessment & Evaluation Center. Our contact information is listed at the “Book an appointment” Tab and section.


Multi-Therapy Services (MTS) was established in 1999, with the goal of tailoring therapeutic supports to meet the specific needs of every client. Although all services are diverse in methodology, MTS ensures that our services are delivered in a culturally competent and respectful manner. MTS remains committed to addressing the diverse needs of an ever changing society by employing quality treatment, accessible tools, and user-friendly resources to promote health and wellness through educating and supporting our clients.

MTS therapeutic service provisions are designed to increase the sense of resiliency that contributes to the client’s ability to cope with life’s stressors in a positive and productive manner. Service planning that illuminates the resiliency factors such as therapeutic intervention, family expectations, positive value systems and social mastery creates a platform for children and families to realize their full potential. Resulting in families becoming empowered, as they realize they have control over their health, treatment, and everyday lives. MTS commits to a progressive yet empathic approach to service delivery, while seeking to inform, guide, and enhance the health and skills of each client we commit to supporting.

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Our expert team is dedicated to helping you and your family face your behavioral healthcare challenges and offer therapeutic treatment that is perfect for maintaining healthy life choices and living.


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We all know that preventing is always efficient and better than curing. You can enjoy reading our special team articles for having healthy life.

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Life can be hard. For individuals who are weighed down with behavioral health, substance abuse, and intellectual disabilities issues, even mundane daily responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, if not impossible. To help young adults, and seniors with these challenges stemming from their unfortunate realities, the three divisions that comprise WES Health Centers—Behavioral Health, Intellectual Disabilities, and Substance Abuse—offer a continuum of services that provides viable solutions. By planning and implementing programs that take the unique needs of each participant (and his or her family) into account, WES Health Centers empowers those whose lives it touches.

Assessment and Evaluation

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Walk Ins are welcome between the hours of 12pm-3pm. Telehealth Services available.

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