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OMY (Our Mission is Yours) Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Outpatient Program

OMY is located at 2514 North Broad Street, second floor. The program is open six days per week: Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. and Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Persons in Recovery are diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Co-occurring Disorder, or Major Depression.

OMY’s guiding force is the Recovery and Resiliency Model. Recovery is a self determined and holistic journey that people undertake to heal and grow. It is facilitated by relationships and environments that provide hope, empowerment, choices, and opportunities that allow people to reach their fullest potential as contributing members within their community. Recovery has four basic pillars: Recovery Planning, Community Integration, Peer Culture, and Family Inclusion. OMY implements these four pillars while providing therapeutic groups that are tailored to treat, identify, and understand people diagnosed with mental illness and to prevent crises. Our model is designed to empower and provide persons with a choice in determining what fits their individual recovery needs.

With staff assistance, Persons in Recovery learn to become proactive in their own recovery. OMY staff is comprised of two Psychiatrists, Director, Supervisor, three Therapists (which include an Art Therapist), ten Facilitators (assist with skill building, independence and empowerment), two Certified Peer Specialists, and a Case Manager. Persons in Recovery have the option of attending group therapy two to five days per week and individual therapy is offered when necessary. On Saturdays Persons in Recovery attend cultural and skill building events within the community. Public transportation is encouraged where possible.

We serve an average of 100 Persons in Recovery daily. Recovery Goal Plans are developed with the Person in Recovery, their support system, and OMY staff. OMY has a psychiatric nurse on site five days per week and a psychiatrist on site four days a week, to assist Persons in Recovery.

Each day begins with Peer Support Group where Persons in Recovery utilize each other for supports, share resources and discuss daily/weekly goals. Peer Support is facilitated by People in Recovery absent of staff.

The group therapy topics are developed by Persons in Recovery and are facilitated by both staff and other Persons in Recovery (depending on topic). They focus on creating goals, decision making, discharge planning, family issues, medication management, understanding mental illness, trauma, grief and loss, diet and nutrition, health and hygiene, problem solving, and other therapeutic/ skill building groups. Vocational/Job development and volunteering opportunities are strongly encouraged. OMY has a library and a computer lab to assist with obtaining community resources.

OMY program has a canteen where Persons in Recovery can purchase items at a low price. The canteen is run by peers. Persons in Recovery help to collect the money and decide as a group what should be sold. In this environment, the Persons in Recovery develop leadership skills as well as being a volunteer. For some, this is the starting point in job development skill building.

Lunch is served daily.


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