WES Health System

Multi-Therapy Services (MTS)

Multi-Therapy Services (MTS)
Multi-Therapy Services wa1s established in 1999 and has developed into a leader i n the Health and Human Services f ield. We prov ide services through the State of Nevv Jersey Department of Children and Families. MTS prog1·ams are implemented as supplementary resources to clients who are already under the care of an outside organization. MTS will not provide services without the recommendation and supervision of the organization that is primarily responsible for the client’s case. We believe that the key to achieve outstanding services involves an interdisciplinary team approach specific to our consumer’s needs.

Our mission as a Health &· Human Services agency is to improve the quality of lifefor members of communities throughout the Tri-State area by incorporating diverse therapies,consultation, training and support services that are useful for our consume1·s. Our goal is to tailor our services to meet the consumer ‘s specific needs.

This organization is under the leadership of WES Health Systems. We share the vision of WES, vvhich states. “for every person in our community to have access to the critical services that promote the attainment of full emotional, intellectual, and physical  potential. This vision is only achievable when people are safe, adequately housed, healthy and well educated. As we fulfill our twe potential as individuals, our communities will become economically self ­ sustaining  and culturally  viable.”

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