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Are you ready to give back and get more out of your career? WES Health System is looking for top talent to add to our growing team of dedicated, professional associates today.

Founded in 1992 as a descendant organization of other institutes serving in medical and community-based service capacities in our area, WES Health System is Pennsylvania’s largest African American-managed behavioral health care provider. We are proud to serve the greater metropolitan Philadelphia area, with more than 30,000 patients impacted thus far. Our team of more than 600 hardworking health care professionals provides a variety of wellness-conscious services and operates top-notch medical facilities with a mission to provide the best community care available today. Our array of employment opportunities include locations in Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, and Georgia, spanning across our five unique divisions:

  • WES Health Centers – provides counseling and medical services to adults with behavioral health, intellectual disabilities, and substance abuse care needs
  • WES Horizons – provides children and families with behavioral health rehabilitation while focusing on youth development and mental health services
  • WESWay Wellness Center – provides a range of behavioral health and holistic services to patients with private insurance
  • WES Ventures – provides members of managed care plans and private insurers with behavioral health and EAP services
  • WES Management Services – provides WES companies and small businesses with management, infrastructure, and facilities support

Take the next step towards a career with a company that prioritizes its people. Join our Talent Network today and check out our current opportunities!

Innovation at WES

Innovation at WES

Our expert team have been studying manybehavioural cases for most predicted struggles inlife. They have planed different programs fordifferent situations and circumstance. Pleasereview all our program to pick the best foryourself.

News And Analysis

News & Analysis

We all know that preventing is always efficient andbetter than curing.You can enjoy reading our special team articles forhaving healthy life.

Looking for

Looking for


Life can be hard. For individuals who are weighed down with behavioural health, substance abuse, andintellectual disabilities issues, even mundane daily responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming, if notimpossible. To help young adults,, and seniors with these challenges stemming from their unfortunaterealities, the three divisions that comprise WES Health Centres—Behavioural Health, IntellectualDisabilities, and Substance Abuse—offer a continuum of services that provides viable solutions. By planningand implementing programs that take the unique needs of each participant (and his or her family) intoaccount, WES Health Centres empowers those whose lives it touches

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