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Written by admin January 29th, 2021 -
Special Employee Feature: Retirement of Sylvia Sligh Burrell. We want to wish Sylvia Sligh-Burrell a very Happy Retirement! When Sylvia joined WES in July of 1992 the company was initially called 5A and 6C Community Catchment Areas before it was renamed Dr. Warren E. Smith Health Centers and later reorganized under WES Health System. Just to give everyone an idea of what was happening in 1992, Bill Clinton defeated incumbent President George H. W. Bush and became the 42nd President of the Uni

Women’s Month Newsletter

Written by Manthan Kanani March 10th, 2021 -
Women’s History Month March 2021 Honoring the Accomplishments of Women The month of March is an annual declared month which highlights the contributions of women events in history and society. Across the board, people are continuing to recognize the importance of gender representation, and women across the world are continuing to do things worth distinguishing and celebrating. Women’s History Week Women’s History Month began as a local celebration

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