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Blended Enhanced Targeted Case Management (BETCM)

 Research indicates people who have access to community services and live in supportive environments have an improved chance of recovery. BETCM takes an integrative approach to providing community-based treatment by placing a greater emphasis on creating environments that promote and support optimal behavioral health. Converging from the new recovery-advocacy movement, WES-BETCM program focuses on recovery as a real possibility by building resilience-oriented levels of care. Utilizing recovery concepts is the key factor to helping to create a holistic approach that has a profound and radical impact on the way services are delivered, with no diminishment in the value or role of treatment.

WES-BETCM program is designed to address the needs of the participant in a community-based setting; assessing their strengths and weaknesses to connect them to the necessary community supports, to encourage a more fulfilling life. BETCM program is comprised of three blended teams of six targeted case managers, headed by an individual supervisor, in addition to being supported by a D&A Specialist and Forensic Specialist. Each team utilizes a “teaming” concept when it comes to service provisions, thus each participant has not only an individual case manager but a case management team that works from a recovery based model.


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