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Therapeutic Supervised Visitation Services

The therapeutic visitation program in designed to increase the sense of resiliency that contrib­ utes to a family’s ability to cope with life stressors in a positive and productive manner. The MTS team will provide family therapy and family support services. The MTS team will work on family goals and help implement strategies and intervention tools which will enable the family to develop in a positive manner.

The goals of MTS Therapeutic Family Visitation Program include the prevention of child abuse and neglect and promotion of optimal child health and development. MTS plans fo meet these goals by focusing on the following principles:

  1. Child Health & Safety – All children have the right to a healthy and safe childhood in a nurturing, permanent family, or in the closest substitute to a family
  1. Permanency for all Children – All children are entitled to a safe, permanent and nurturing home in order to reach their full potential as human
  1. Family Preservation – Consistent with child safety, families should be preserved, reunified, and strengthened so parents learn how to suctessfully rear their children.
  1. Adequate Resources – There must be sufficient supportive ser,vices for families, including mental health services, counseling, educational/parenting programs, and domestic violence and substance abuse

The process allows MTS to customize services that are tailored to meet the family or child’s needs.

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