Health System

In Home Community & Respite (IHCR)

Our In–Home program services both adults and children with intellectual disabilities. For adults with disabilities, every achievement–even those other adults take for granted–is a cause for celebration. Conversely, every failure is a bitter pill to swallow–especially if the root cause is the absence of critical resources.

With this in mind, WES Health Centers embraced the In–Home and Community Habilitation & Respite Services program (one of several in the city). This undertaking is designed to assist adults with disabilities in acquiring, maintaining, and improving skills that will increase their self–sufficiency at home.

More specifically, the goals of the program are to provide outcome–based support systems that are tailored to the individuals’ needs and interests; to supply needs assessment and planning; to offer life and community skills training; and to grant access to community activities and supports. The services also promote individuals’ independence and active participation in their communities, and provide periods of respite to the families with which the adults may live.

In–Home and Community Habilitation & Respite Services is staffed by a program director and habilitation support specialists.


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