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Part-Time Supervised Visit-Parental Exchange Monitor

Part-Time Supervised Visit-Parental Exchange Monitor

2514 North Broad Street



1. The individual occupying this position will provide supervised visits and parent exchanges while allowing the child to interact with the non- custodial parent in a safe environment, and to promote a healthy relationship when possible. The primary purpose of the visit is to allow children to preserve relationships with people who are important to them under the guidance of Family Court.

2. To monitor court-ordered visits and parent exchange by overseeing the interactions between children and the non-custodial parent so that child/family benefits as much as possible from the contact.

3. To assist children and their families in maintaining or reestablishing relationships that are healthy and safe in a neutral space.

4. To provide custody evaluators with accurate documentation and supplemental information as needed on the visitation and parent exchange process.


1. Conduct monitored visits and parent exchanges as outlined by Philadelphia Family Courts which may include hands-on assistance.

2. Ensure child/family safety and well-being in conjunction with court orders.

3. Provide verbal feedback to clients regarding their conduct and progress in the visits, in accordance with WES visitation policies and procedures.

4. Monitor and provide a safe visitation and parent exchange environment for children and terminate the visit/contact if it is not deemed appropriate or parties involved have improper conduct.

5. Clearly define the rules of visitation with all parties involved and notify Family Courts if rules are violated.

6. Establish and maintain appropriate professional files which provide all required documentation regarding visits and parent exchanges, including incident reporting.

7. Maintain accurate, complete, and comprehensive notes that must be entered into Credible-EMR system within 48 hrs. from the point of service.

1. Performs other duties and special projects as assigned.


Supervised Visit-Parental Exchange Monitor staff person shall meet the following criteria:

  1. Associate degree preferred, in human services related field or with major course work in sociology, social welfare, behavior health, psychology; and 2 years other related social sciences, criminal justice, theology, counseling, or High School diploma with 5 years’ experience providing services in direct contact with Children and Families.
  2. Two year’s paid experience must be working in community-based services or trauma-informed setting is required.
  3. Experience with child welfare, school-based services, domestic violence, or victim advocacy is a plus.
  4. Valid FBI clearance, criminal history check and child abuse history clearance required.

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