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Does WES Health System have a Facebook Page?

Yes, WES Health System's Facebook page is at the following link. WES Health System Facebook Page

Where are WES Health System centers located?

Although primarily based in Philadelphia, WES continues to expand throughout the nation. For a complete listing of locations, please visit the Contact Us section of the website.

Are WES’s programs accredited?

Yes, WES is committed to providing high-quality services to all of its patients and has received full state accreditation for all applicable programs since 1996.

Can I get a refill of my medication or see a psychiatrist on my first visit?

Given the high demand for mental health services at WES, it is unlikely you will receive a refill of your medication or see a psychiatrist during your first visit to WES. As a result, we encourage you to schedule an appointment at least two weeks before you run out of your medication.

Can I request a clinician of a certain sex or race?

If you have a specific concern or have questions about a specific issue, please express that at your initial appointment. We will do all we can to match you with a counselor who will be best able to give you the help you need.

What if it is an emergency and I can’t wait for appointment?

If it’s an emergency, let WES know as much when you first call for an appointment. Please keep in mind that we often see individuals who are very angry or depressed, but that by itself does not mean it is an emergency. If you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, please let us know so we can see you as quickly as possible. If you or someone with you is in immediate danger or harm, call 911.

How can I become a client?

In Philadelphia, potential clients need to be evaluated by WES’ Assessment & Evaluation Center in order to determine which service(s) should be utilized. For more information, please call the Assessment & Evaluation Center at 215-456-2662. In Illinois, please review the different services offered in Illinois (which are listed within this website at https://drwes.org/chicago.aspx) and then call the program that is appropriate for you. In New Jersey, you can make an appointment by calling 1-888-510-0117.

Are the services completely confidential?

WES strictly protects the confidentiality of information shared during sessions. We are ethically committed to confidentiality and federal/state laws require it. This means that even your attendance in counseling is kept private and confidential. State and Federal law states that there are four exceptions to this general rule:

  • you may request (by means of a signed release) that your counselor reveal information to other individuals or agencies of your choice.
  • in instances where there is imminent danger of serious harm to yourself or others.
  • in cases involving physical and/or sexual abuse of children or endangered adults.
  • where otherwise requested by subpoena or mandated by court order or state/federal law.

What types of services does WES Health System offer?

WES provides health care services in both the commercial and public health care markets; WES Health System workswith qualifying individuals and businesses.

Why do families, couples, or individuals consider using therapy or counseling?

Therapy is a partnership between a family, couple or individual and a mental health professional, such as a psychologist, who is trained to help people change their behavior and/or understand their feelings. People often seek therapy under the following circumstances. They feel an overwhelming and extended sense of sadness, helplessness, and/or lack of hope in their lives. Their emotional difficulties make it hard for them to function on a daily basis. For example, their behaviors are harmful to themselves or to others or are troubled by emotional difficulties facing family members or close friends. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one-third of adults in the United States experience an emotional or substance abuse problem.

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