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Behavioral Health

Family–Based Mental Health Services
The complexities of dealing with children or adolescents who have emotional disturbances often prompt professionals to suggest hospitalization or out–of–home placements. The Family–Based Mental Health Services program (FBMHS) takes a different tact: FBMHS embraces the family as a partner and resource in both treatment planning and implementation. The FBMHS team works in close partnership with the child and his or her family to identify strengths and to assess any areas of need; the child, family, and team then collaborate to develop a treatment plan based on the findings. In addition, FBMHS’s intense therapeutic interventions and support services further empower the family to care for a child with an emotional disturbance.

Child & Family Outpatient Center
The Child & Family Outpatient Center works with children ages 4–21 (as long as they are still attending school) and their families. Experts at the Center perform comprehensive assessments to determine the existence and/or degree of severity of any behavioral and emotional difficulties, including hyperactivity; academic challenges; and anxiety and/or depression. Once diagnosed, these youth benefit from various treatment modalities, including art, play, and traditional group therapy; structural family therapy; and individual psychotherapy. Comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluations, individual and family sessions, boys/girls peer counseling groups, and medication–management services are also available through the program.

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services
WES Child and Family Outpatient Center offers a range of therapeutic services to Children Ages 4–21 experiencing emotional and behavioral challenges including depression, anxiety, anger, hyperactivity, impulsivity, history of trauma, family difficulties and academic and school difficulties. Such services include individual, family and group therapy, psychiatric evaluation, and medication management. Experienced clinical professionals at WES Child and Family work in collaboration with children and families to provide individualized treatment that will effectively meet the needs and goals of each child and family as they strive towards total wellness. Treatment interventions at WES Child and Family include Play Therapy, Art and Music Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Structural Family Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Group Therapy and more.

School-Based Behavioral Health
To increase students’ chances of achieving academic success, there are currently four SBBH programs throughout the city–at Turner Middle School, Harrington Elementary School, Clemente Middle School, and Frederick Douglass School.

To participate, children are referred through each school’s Comprehensive Student Assistance Program (CSAP) process and are then evaluated by a licensed psychologist to determine if the services are medically necessary. Once approved by Community Behavioral Health (CBH), students have access to a variety of services, including daily classroom interventions; weekly individual, family, and group therapy sessions; and crisis and case management services. The program also offers weekly psychiatric services.

High School Health (Specialized Intensive Outpatient)
The City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health, in its strategic plan, has identified children and older adolescents as an underserved group when it comes to high–quality, targeted treatment services that help them get “back on track” in school and build a resilient life. To meet this need, WES created High School Health and began providing specialized intensive outpatient services at Frankford High School in 2005. Underscoring WES’s unique commitment to adolescents, it is the only pilot of its kind in Philadelphia; it is designed to service any student at Frankford High School who could benefit from supportive counseling services. Emphasizing clinical engagement and cultural competence, the program provides formal group, individual, and family therapy as well as resilience–building interventions to students and their teachers. Recognizing the need for doing more than simply intervening, students and their families are also afforded help in obtaining community resources such as working papers, and access to sports programs and other concrete resources. A psychiatrist is available weekly for routine appointments, case conferences, or evaluations and daily for emergency services.

The program is staffed by mental health professionals, a Care Coordinator, and a psychiatrist.

Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths
The Child & Adolescent Needs & Strengths (CANS) Program works in conjunction with the Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Philadelphia Family Court system to establish a common assessment framework for youths who are at risk of delinquency. This initiative is intended to support the appropriate development of comprehensive services to address the potentially complex needs of these youths and their families.

CRISIS/MATES (Mobile Assessment Treatment and Evaluation Services) provide short–term intervention services to children and adults who are experiencing a behavioral health crisis. These individuals can be referred to the program by family members, schools, public agencies and/or the Office of Mental Health.

Crisis services are home and community based and comprised of clinical staff which includes a Master’s level clinician and a Bachelor’s level worker. The crisis staff works in teams of two and conducts an assessment in the community to determine the appropriate level of care. The hours of operation for the Crisis Teams are Monday– Friday 9am –5pm and thereafter individuals may contact the Office of Mental Health for assistance. The teams are prepared to handle a variety of interventions including involuntary/voluntary hospitalizations, linkage with other mental health providers depending on medical coverage as well as intake assessments at WES.

Do you or know someone who experiences feelings of:

  • Sad/depressed
  • Hopeless
  • Not living any longer
  • Stressed out
  • Like hurting others/self
  • Or need someone to talk to

If you answered yes to two or more, then you may qualify for an assessment. We are mobile and all services are confidential. We also provide Mobile Mental Health Treatment services for individuals who are temporarily homebound due to existing medical conditions or specialized mental health disorders.

  • Additionally, the crisis unit offers emergency psychiatric services for those who are eligible
  • The crisis unit is also equipped to respond to the Office of Mental Health request for crisis debriefing children/adolescents for a sector of the Philadelphia schools following suicides and shootings.
  • The Crisis Manager is also available to provide crisis prevention trainings in the community so please contact us where quality care and service commitment is our goal.
  • All services are confidential
  • Handicap accessible transportation available

“I was very moved by your good gestures, generosity, and professionalism with Mr. J. during his time of need and look forward to working with the Crisis Intervention Team again”
–Central High School

Extended Outpatient
In order to provide easily accessible mental health services to high school students and
their families, WES Horizons was awarded the first high school program of its kind in the
2005–2006 school year: Extended Outpatient. Students at Frankford High School who are eligible for medical assistance (and hence able to receive a psychiatric evaluation) are referred to the program by the school staff, their families, or by self–referrals. Qualifying individuals are then assigned a clinician who creates a comprehensive treatment plan to guide their interventions (i.e., participation in daily group sessions or individual therapy). The program offers both crisis management and case management services in addition to weekly psychiatric consultations.

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