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Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services

Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, also known as Wraparound, are services for children and adolescents who may be experiencing mental and behavioral health challenges in their daily lives.  Wraparound services are a shift from traditional mental health services provided in a therapist’s office, to services where the child normally is, in the home, school, or community.  The wraparound staff, BSC, MT, and TSS works with the family as a team to support the child and help the child follow an individually developed resiliency plan.  More importantly, the role of wraparound services is to “teach” families how to implement the behavior technique and strategies so families can address their child’s needs.


Typically, the age range for BHRS services are 5-21 years.  Obtaining BHRS services first requires an evaluation by a psychologist.  The request is then submitted to CBH (Community Behavioral Health) for an approval.  Given the child’s diagnosis, services can be approved for 6 months – 1 year, at a time.


Medication evaluation and consultation
Family and couples therapy
Psychiatric evaluations
Individual and group therapy
Consistent nursing care
Comprehensive Behavioral evaluations

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